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Teddy Bear Poems

Teddy Bear Poems

Here are some Teddy Bear Poems I have come across that I thought I would share with you all. If you or anyone you know has written any poems about their bears and would like to share them, please email them to me and I will add them to this page.


Grin and Bear It

When I was just a wee little bear,

My owner dragged me everywhere,

Filled me up with cold mud pie,

Bit my nose and lost my tie,

Left me outside in the rain,

Spilled her juice and left this stain.

But I didn't whine or scold,

cuz she was only two years old!

And what's a faithful bear to do

When his little girl is only two?




Teddy Bear Paws

1). I placed my memories in teddy bear's paws,

My fondest dreams, my wishes and all,

I'll never let go of those tender years,

And you, my friend, through giggles and tears.


3). You hold the magic of those wonderful years,

You soothe my heart; you calm my fears.

My childhood stories upon your ears,

You listened with love, forever dear.


5). Through ups and downs throughout my life,

You've been my pillow; my moonlit night,

The bear who knows just where I've been,

Who stood by me through thick and thin.


7). Now, I've grown up in stature and size,

With life quite serious, Im supposed to be wise,

I'll leave my cares by the door-outside,

And look for the bear with arms opened wide.




2). I recall the gaze of your black button eyes,

Your comforting look and knowing surprise.

My deepest secrets, I shared with you,

Old bear, my friend, you've always been true.



4). I placed my cares into your paws,

With frogs and toads with warts and all.

Old bear, you've been my steadfast friend,

from my very first step to each day's end.



6). Whenever I see your adorable face,

I'm back in my childhood, the state of grace,

Recalling the times when life was a game,

When days were sunny; when it never rained. 



8). A teddy bear holds a young child's smiles,

And dreams of queens and far away miles,

Of tea cups and parties out on the lawn,

And Golden Books treasured when summers were long,


And I, I shall be forever young........






Teddy Bear Paws

All teddy bears are wonderful things

To hold and cuddle and cling.

But we're important to children because

We're the only ones with teddy bear paws

And everyone knows that they're in demand

for holding on to the tiniest hand!


My Teddy Bear

He sits upon his pillowed throne

A joyous smile upon his face.

And though his ears may seem outgrown

He carries them with pride and grace.


He's never cross or quick to carp

A friend in need is he to me.

When human tongues are mean and sharp

My teddy gives me sympathy.


To him I always bare my soul

He lifts me when I'm feeling low.

And when I brag and miss my goal

He never says, 'I told you so.'


My friends may titter gleefully

And some may tease, but I don't care.

I hope that I will never be

Too old to love my Teddy Bear.


Jeffrey S Foreman

The New York Times.




All I need to know about life I learned from my teddy bear:-


Hugs are even better than chocolate

There's no such thing as too many kisses

One good cuddle can change a grumpy day

Love is supposed to wear out your fur a little

It's okay to let your stuffing show now and then

Listening is as important as talking

Someone's got to keep their eyes open all the time

It's never too late to have a happy childhood

Everyone needs someone to hold on to

There's no friend like an old friend.


Lulu Canard




Hug a bear


Do you have a moment please

To give this bear just one small squeeze?

Cuz teddy bears need hugs to live...

So don't you have just one to give?




The Teddy Bear Dance

1) When the moon hangs over the rolling downs

That ripple between the seven towns

When the night is fresh and the air is clear

When the owls hide their eyes and the fire-flies appear,

Then Teddy Bear time is here

There are Teddy Bears dancing here.


3) Out from the beds of their daytime chums

Silently drawn by the beat of the drums,

Out from the houses and out through the gates

Down the dark lanes where they join with their mates.

For Teddy Bear time is here.

There are teddy Bears dancing here.


5) Quicker and quicker the music's beat

Faster and faster the speed of their feet,

Till their eyes shake out and their ears come away

And theur fur starts to fly and their paws start to fray,

For Teddy Bear time is here.

There are Teddy Bears dancing here... 


7) Then laughing and giggling they glue back each bit

They have lost in the night with Teddy Bear spit.

And murmuring and whispering 'cheers' to their mates

They rush to their homes and run through the gates.

And scamper up ivy, up sheets and up trees,

And leap through the windows to squeeze, if you please,

Under covers right down to the ends

Of the innocent beds of their innocent friends,

As if to the world, such a sweet little sight,

They'd been lying there faithful the whole of the night. 

2) Down sheets and trees and ivy plants

To come to the site of the Teddy Bear dance,

Out from the windows in seven towns

They creep on their way to the rolling downs.

For Teddy Bear time is here,

There are Teddy Bears dancing here. 



4) Then on to the downs and around they prance

Joining their hands in a frenzy of dance,

Coming together to quadrille in teams

Shedding theur stufing and straining their seams.

For Teddy Bear time is here.

There are Teddy Bears dancing here.


6) But when the dawn peeks out over the hill

The drumming stops dead and they all fall quite still:

Knowing it's late and they must get home soon

But caught by the spell of thelast of the moon,

For Teddy Bear time was here.

There were Teddy Bears dancing here. 


8) But Teddy Bear time was there

There were Teddy Bears dancing there.


















A row of teddy bears sitting in a toyshop, all one size, all one price. Yet how different each is from the next. Some look happy, some look sad. Some look stand-offish, some look loveable. And one in particular, that one over there, has a specially endearing expression. Yes, that is the one we would like, please.



Christopher Milne, The Enchanted Places




A Boy's Verse:

To My Teddy



W hen I was only four days old

You came to live with me

And gave me all the love you hold

Quite unreservedly.


Oh Teddy Bear I love thee

As much as I did then,

Though now we both are forty three

And very nearly men.





I'm Smitten

Curly hair, cheeky face

Gentle impish grin

The homeless little vagabond

Wants me to take him in

How can I resist? He had me

From the the first flirtatious wink

This teddy bear is coming home

With me today, I think.